The story of Little Stories

Can stories help us reach the ‘new normal’ – lots of people, in diverse situations, doing ingenious, connected and fun things with our short time on this shared planet?

One hot summer’s day in 2013, Steve found himself drinking tea and being told a story.

It was the story of someone who had recovered from addiction and now worked as a gas fitter. This man had the job of fixing the boiler of a woman who had a heroin problem. He decided to offer her support, and his actions helped bring about the woman’s eventual recovery.

What was striking was that the man had no need to get involved. He just chose to make that corner of the world a better place.

A few weeks later, Steve heard about Antonio, who lived in the mountains of Southern Spain. Antonio’s kindness to a young English family helped them establish a more ecological way of life and, in the process, begin to restore a rural community in decline.

Perhaps, Steve concluded, there were many more such stories waiting to be told and heard.

He presented this idea at the Wise Words Festival, and then talked to Sally about it. They began to think that sharing these stories might inspire people who want to live in a more creativecompassionate and life-sustaining way.

The two of them decided to uncover and tell more Little Stories – short, true accounts of people doing just that.

This website is where you’ll find them. Whoever you are and whatever your situation, it’s a place where you can read and share Little Stories of the emerging ‘new normal’.

I want to write a Little Story!

Take me to the Stories

Steve Matthews & Sally Moss, January 2015


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